Success in Container Shipping

Maritime shipping of goods has been unstable. From the pandemic, which affected all global markets, to the shortage of containers and exponential increase in freight costs, all these factors have contributed to an atypical year in the sector which left multiple companies and consumers without knowing what to do to achieve receive/send their goods.

And the end of the problem doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, according to James Gundy, CEO of Braemar Shipping. With several container ships still waiting to enter major world ports – such as those in China or Los Angeles – the wait looks like it’s about to last. “We don’t see any kind of ease until the Chinese New Year in February, which won’t be able to filter until March… we have another good six months ahead of us before we start to see some ease in the matter of containers. There are other markets that are going through situations of real congestion”, adds the CEO for Braemar Shipping, in an article published by Multinews.

However, as far as container shipping is concerned, profits have continued to rise, and it is estimated that the year 2022 will prove to be very positive, in line with what has happened in recent months.  Although, in some cases, the number of TEU transported has decreased, given the difficulties of circulation and handling of containers, profit margins are higher.  This reality is verified by the increase in the average price per TEU.

Some markets are looking for alternatives in another type of transport, such as China which, for shipments to Europe, is using the Russian rail network.

It is estimated that only during 2022 will it be possible to see light at the end of the tunnel, in relation to the “lack of control” of the logistic chains, which affects exports/imports and ends up influencing all actions along the value chain. All sectors are watching this evolution expectantly.

At Extra Transportes, we have been carrying out a work of continuous monitoring of this entire international context, so that it is possible to provide the most valid alternatives for customers, within our customer’s limitations and needs. Count on us!