Logistics solutions dedicated to the transport of pharmaceutical products. Through a certified specialized network – Pharmafreight – of which Extra Transportes is part, we ensure the safe handling and transport of this type of goods.

Certified and experienced professionals in this industry, as well as competent local partners ensure the complete receiving of these products.

High quality standards and good distribution practices unite all Pharmafreight members with a single purpose.

With pharmaceuticals, it is essential to ensure a great level of excellence at all times during an operation. To this end, this network only collaborates with suppliers that have the same type of commitment and experience, as well as a strong awareness of the best distribution practices of this network.

Credible and needs-adjusted solutions 

  • Home deliveries, across the globe, with a quick service (within 24 hours), for essential and urgent therapies and medicines.
    • Possibility of permanent monitoring and supervision of all conditions of the goods.
  • Reference partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies, in the transport of clinical trials.
  • Global distribution warehouse, located in England, with all the ideal conditions for storage of pharmaceutical products, namely regular temperature monitoring, fire alarm system and direct connection circuits to the police.
  • Transport of medicines, through intermodal means, according to the best conveniences, in all geographic locations.
  • Temperature controlled packaging shipping, including reusable solutions.
  • TOWER units, which allow transport between destinations, maximizing operating costs.
  • European transport road network, with real-time traceability service.

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