Increase in exports of food and beverages shows a good dynamics in these sectors

We are living atypical times all over the world due to a pandemic. However, there are sectors which stand out positively, even in adverse contexts. In Portugal, wines are a case of success, since their export grew 5.3% in volume in 2020, according to the data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE). The biggest recipients of Portuguese wines are Brazil, France, the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada, states the same source.

On its part, the Food sector has also shown a good dynamics globally. In late February, one of the largest and most important international trade fairs in Dubai was held, which proves this force – the Gulfood 2021. Portugal was present with 27 exhibitors.

The sector has been performing well, showing itself as one of the most promising areas in terms of exports. In 2020, according to data released by Gulfood, the importance of the food and beverage sectors in the Middle East was highlighted, where this market exceeds US $ 50 billion, with Saudi Arabia as one of the main importers.


In line with market trends, Extra Transportes presents in its service portfolio an area dedicated to the logistics and transportation of this type of products. As a result of the strong expertise it has in this area, the agility to respond to these types of challenges meets the needs of the sector.

The practice of this service is challenging and is shaped by rigour – both in terms of processes and in terms of the means used between the point of origin and the point of destination. Every minute counts when handling and transporting perishable food. A poorly chosen route or the incorrect temperature control during this type of shipping can mean the loss of goods and – consequently – huge losses for a customer. Hence the importance of a partnership of trust, secure in its decisions and in the local suppliers it privileges.

With a team which has connections to local partners all over the world, Extra Transportes is able to guarantee the leverage of a business like this on a global scale and tailored to the needs of the client.

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