How to contact Extra Transportes?

We are at your disposal, to be able to more useful. You may contact us via our telephone numbers or via our online for. Visit our contacts page

What type of services can we offer your company?

Extra Transportes is an international freight company specialised in transporting cargo via air and sea. We also carry out all the procedures with the competent customs entities, as well as store and distribute goods. To find out more about our services, access the services page.

How to make a freight request?

A freight request can be made online using our freight request form, or via our telephone contacts.

Are you sending food items?

Our team is specialised in this type of controlled cooling reefers, with vast experience in monitoring and sending food items and other types of cargos which need to have similar temperature conditions during their entire shipment.  Contact us for further information

How can I access the shipment of my goods?

Extra Transportes provides its clients with an online platform, Webtrans, with the complete profile of your goods, previous shipments, as well as the monitoring of shipments in progress. All documents and information are compiled to your access. Therefore, we guarantee speed and efficiency in consulting the data you need. Contact us for further information.

Do you require services worldwide?

At Extra Transportes you can ship, via air or sea, around the world, with periodical shipments to the main destinations. Contact us for further information.