Cargo shipping services

Extra Transportes offers specialized services aimed at responding to the needs of the pharmaceutical market, online shops and shipping potentially dangerous cargo.

A team of technicians qualified in shipping, as well as the preparation of all logistics, storage and quick transport, ensure a commitment to our customers in these areas.


Pharmaceutical Products

Means of response for the transport of this type of cargo, ensuring the inviolability of the medications and a just in time service (by air and sea).

Integrated Transport & logistics for Online Shops

Integrated freight management solution, which enables Online Shops a unique transportation service of their cargoes directly from origin to the client. This type of specialized service avoids the need for stocks and storage spaces.

The client will only have to worry about marketing and selling his products. All the rest is provided by Extra Transportes.

Shipment of dangerous cargo

Two technicians certified by the Groundforce Academy ensure the correct handling, packaging and shipping of goods with potentially dangerous cargo.

Invest in security and make sure that your products arrive intact at the destination