Air transport with the best semester since 2017

IATA – International Air Transport Association – announced the good news for the air transport sector. In the last semester, transactions through this means achieved the best results since 2017. In this field, it is expected that the effects of the pandemic may have already passed, with an increase of 8% between January and June. The demand for this type of shipment, compared to 2019 – since IATA does not consider the year 2020, due to its particularity – registered an increase of almost double digits – 9.9%.

In terms of supply, capacity was reduced by around 10% in June, as a result of the immobilization of several passenger planes, according to the same IATA report.

Among the most expressive markets are the North American, in the lead, followed by the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

The North American market is even responsible for around 6% of this growth rate, demonstrating its post-COVID recovery.

These data demonstrate that, unlike what is seen in maritime transport – which insists on not stabilizing – there is an economic situation and supply chain dynamics favourable to air transport. IATA considers this scenario since:

  • The supply from the North American market, which is currently with low stock levels and strong demand, needs to be fed and – for the most part – the use of air transport is the first option;
  • Conditions in the manufacturing sector remain strong, with the PMI growing in a consolidated manner and at a high pace in the vast majority of economies;
  • After a moment of severe downtime in the supply chain and consequent delays, manufacturers which use air transport – which is faster – achieve better results in recovering lost time in production.

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